Jill and Ron Together in the Hospital

There are good hospitals and great ones, and the care that now both Ron and Jill are receiving here at Nobles is just great.

Ron was admitted yesterday with breathing difficulties and when we visited this morning he was struggling to find any breath at all, his oxygen was turned up full and on top of this he was trying to move a tablet that had stuck in his throat, so he is not having a good time at the moment.

I think that with all that is going on, with the way that Jill is and with the last 17 years that they have both been together between being such a strong and wonderful time for them both, it’s hit him hard, and just maybe he is just not only scared because he is very ill, but just maybe he is scared of being alone, it does now seem that they will end up being together for ever after all, I suppose that’s what people in love really want and maybe deserve, they always said that they would have preferred to just jet off to Switzerland and have a dignified ending, well by they way things are sadly going, they may just be together soon after all.

After seeing Ron for a while we left him with Paul and Andreas to pop upstairs to see Jill.

Managed to get a hug today, which was a definite, even managed to move her left hand and ask for a hug, there are times like this that feel that she is trying to communicate, so we just try to be here for her so that she is aware that we are here and that everyone loves her, she is there! We can get the odd blink of an acknowledgement, and we can feel her tightening her grip when we hold her hand, we feel that she is trying to say something sometimes so we tell her that we all love her, give her a kiss and tell her that we know that she loves us, and this seems to be enough to settle her down again. Sue often talks to her, mentioning Christine and Peter, Niaomi, Claire and Emma and the rest of the family, and the odd story from the past, this also seems to help.

So with them both so frail and both in the same hospital the sister down on Ward 6 is trying to arrange that both Ron and Jill can be moved to a large room so that they can both be together for a little while, especially with the way that Jill is and with that Ron has not been able to see her for weeks now because of himself being very ill.

They are now back together, Ron was a bit teary at first but managed to settle himself down and once he was settled he put his hand out and held onto his wife.

We even managed to do a quick FaceTime call with Christine who had taken Mick out for his weekend walk around the delights of ASDA.

It’s so nice that they are together again.