It’s a hard life being in hospital – Jillian Branford The Sleeping Princess…

We arrived to find her fast asleep, an no she was not snoring.

Things are progressing slowly and hopefully she will be happy when family arrives for the weekend in the form of Claire and Emma.

Like everyone, we all find hospitals a pain, with being disturbed every 30 mins or so, she was very tired and obviously enjoying her sleep,

They have managed to get her heart rate down and more regular and given her a better heart rate with a better beat with this new medication that they have put her on.

She’s having some good dreams of late, apparently Peter visited her last night, but as he is still in the UK we had a chuckle about that one.

She loved the card from Chris and Micke and will be obeying the instructions on the front of the card.

So all is well here and things are generally looking on the right side of getting well.

Still not totally happy with Hospital food, she loves the deserts and we have now found out that butter is so much better without the bread!