Jill on the Bottle

They are trying to get Jill walking again, but she is not having any of it! She has dug her heels in and says that she is just happy to lye in bed all day.

Things seem to be on the move though, with a little luck she may be moving to a very good nursing home, and hopefully this may give her the push to at least try and walk again, if Sue has anything to do with it, her exercises will start again and just maybe we can at least get her mobile enough to maybe go back home? It is a big ask, but at least if she goes home she can be with Ron, they are both stubborn in their own ways, but together they do make growing old look enjoyable, and I do think that Ron really likes running around after Jill.

The odd words are getting mixed up, but she knows this and laughs it off, you can see the off days, and the good ones, thankfully most are good, we can only hope that once out of hospital she will be happier, change is said to be ‘never good’, but fingers crossed this time it will spur her on to getting mobile and back to her apartment on the seafront with Ron – We will have to wait and see.