Sue and Mum

It’s just not right!

Sat at the hospital with Sue and Gerry after Sues mum has had a massive third stroke, we all wish we could more, she knows that we are all here, there are signs that she knows us and understands us, there has also been a little wave when there would normally be one, and even though no words are passing her mouth, we get the feeling that she is happy to see us.

We said that Ron sends his love to her and this was followed by some strong sounds and some movement, it’s such a shame that Ron’s now also too ill to visit, but she knows that he loves her as do we all. It’s just sad, you don’t want her to go but you don’t want her to suffer either, but you get the feeling that she is trying to say her goodbyes before she sets off on her next big adventure, you just feel so helpless waiting for something that you wish you could stop with a magic wand.

She seems to settle when she hears our voices, and when you tell her that she’s loved there is a faint grip from her hand, she’s still moving her legs a little to say make me comfortable, and she even seem to acknowledge that her small teddy bear was in bed with her, even if she always called it a dog.

The staff in the hospital are just great in ward 7, they really do care about the people in there care, it helps knowing that if she does drift off when we aren’t here at least she would have someone around her that cares.

She’s not in any pain, and I hate myself for saying this but you just hope that she will just fall asleep and start her next voyage sooner rather than later, she’s had a great life and even though I’ve only known her for a short time, her funny stories will always be fond memories.

Sue’s coping but only just, we try to make her less teary but that’s so hard.

We love her