Claire and Emma visiting Mum

Kind of a full house today at the hospital, there was me, Sue, Peter and Andie visiting Jill, and with some slightly good news in that she will be moved to the Hospice in the morning, the rooms are nicer and hopefully she will get slightly more hands on care when she is there, not that she has been neglected in any way, the care in Ward 7 is as far as we are all concerned, the best in Nobles, it’s just that they also have loads of other people to care for, and just sometimes they have not been able to be on Jill’s beckoned call when she has become uncomfortable.

We have had a good day today though, we had a good chat with Chris via FaceTime that we are sure Jill heard, and when we weren’t all making a racket she managed to get some sleep.

Later in the evening when we all returned to the hospital, Emma and Claire turned up for a quick visit and to see there grandma, and after a while she woke up and you could see her reaching out for them both, this was really sweet and nice to see.

We left Peter, Andie, Emma and Claire at the hospital and made our way back home, it had been a long day, and hopefully a nice one for someone very special.