It has been an uphill struggle trying to find anything on this old house, then out of the blue we received a letter from a Mary Huxtable (pictured above at the age of 5 which was the last time she was on the Isle of Man), who’s family once lived here a very long time ago.
She has been ever so kind to send us some lovely items, including some great old photos that I will try and clean up as best I can, but in the collection of items that she has sent us is a real gem, the original ‘Visitors Book’ from when her family ran Axnfell as a guest house and from the dates this was from 1904 to 1936.
The information that she has kindly passed onto us is just fantastic, it has given us more of the history of the house that we have been able to find in the last 15 years.
I will try and work my way through everything as soon as I am able, but the photos are very old and some are scans of photos that will need a lot of work to clean up and upload, and as for the visitors book, that alone will take a lot of work scanning in and deciphering the old script handwriting that people had in those days, I have had a glance through and its hard work, but obviously so worth it.
We at Axnfell just wish to say a heart-felt thanks to Mary for this stuff, it will e lovingly looked after, cherished, and kept safe with the house, we are forever in your debt for the kindness that you have shown, thank you so very much…

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