Axnfel Visitors Book (Page 002)
Axnfell Visitors Book (Page 002 - 01)

This is one of the three small ditties that are on Page 2 of the Visitors Book, I think I have got this one right, but not sure about the signature, or the month in the date, I will hopefully come back to this one I have started to look at the actual pages.

Hanging, gazing, quite amazing,
Never saw the like before;
Grizzling, guzzling, appetites raising
Like Oliver Twist
I cry for more

kh  10/7/1904

Axnfel Visitors Book (Page 002 - 02)

I am starting to hope that I have not bitten off more than I can chew….  Starting to be a bit unsure about a few of the words, and forget the signature, just no way of working that one out.

At Axnfell
One cannot tell
The pleasure you may share
Surfice to pay
When far away
Find memories linger there

Axnfel Visitors Book (Page 002 - 03)

Nice writting but just not sure of any of it really…

Oh Axnfell, Dear Axnfell
In charms no forgive
Among its times
May there our memories dwell